Terrell Boothe

Terrell Boothe

Mr. Terrell Boothe, originally from Mississippi, has lived in Harford County Maryland for over 25 years. Terrell is the youngest of three brothers and comes from a family who places value on education and hard work. His parents always told their sons, “If you have an education, you have an opportunity.”

Terrell studied chemical engineering at the University of Mississippi. During his college years, he found that he was very interested in running his own business. His earliest entrepreneurial ventures were an arts and crafts business and a daycare. He and his brothers then founded several companies, including Boothe Bothers and Associates, a real estate management company, and Boothe & Associates Real Estate Services, a real estate investment company, which have both grown to a national level.

Mr. Boothe has always helped anyone who he believed would use his assistance to improve their circumstances. All through Terrell’s business success, he was aware of how hard it was for many individuals and families to “make it”. He believed ‘Education = Opportunity’ was the solution and looked for ways to guide and help those less fortunate than himself. Terrell was blessed to have loving parents guide him and his brothers and knew that his life would be drastically different without that guidance. It was with that belief that Mr. Boothe created Helping One Another Inc.’s first program – an after-school activity center for the children of incarcerated parents. Terrell knew that if he could make a difference in a child’s life, who wasn’t otherwise given the same opportunities, it may give them a fighting chance to find their own success as an adult. Mr. Boothe easily found others who agreed with his mission and assembled an educated, experienced and passionate board of directors. Helping One Another Inc grew to serve hundreds of individuals and families through its educational workshops, business development programs, professional training and donation of food, clothing and household necessities to the underprivileged.

Terrell Boothe has a heart for his community and for those who are willing to learn.


Professional History

Mr. Boothe is a Real Estate Investor/Consultant with over 15 years of experience in several areas of the real estate industry to include (purchases, sales, rehab, property management, and consulting.  As a businessman and entrepreneur, he has built several companies and is an active community servant.

President, Boothe Brothers & Associates

Mr. Boothe overseas strategic planning and provides oversight for day-to-day operations.   He’s responsible for exploring and researching investment opportunities, managing acquisition functions and providing oversight for property management activities.

Advisor, Boothe & Associates Real Estate Services

As Advisor Mr. Boothe provides guidance and assistance for strategic planning to the CEO company.


Career History


Jr Process Engineer Associate: – Clorox Product Manufacturing Company (Aberdeen, MD)

Assist in commissioning of self-manufacturing plant for off-loading chlorine and caustic from rail cars to produce high strength bleach.  Strong experience with instrumentation and automatic control, GUI’s heat exchange, hazardous material handling of chlorine, and near-IR/UV via fiber-optic spectrometry.  Work closely with the process engineer on many capital projects including FRP tank extensions, new product lines, and header replacements.  Help develop chemo metric models and revised material balances based on spectra to predict hypochlorite%, and weight%, dye/fluorescent brightener using techniques in SPC analysis.  Train and develop team of over twenty associates in best current approaches to many aspects of process department.  Strong maintenance/troubleshooting skills include capability of rebuilding/aligning pumps and control valves, and fabricating PVC piping systems.  Member of chlorine emergency response team and SCBA-trained.  Strong team communication and interpersonal skills.

Team Lead (1988-1997) Constar International (Aberdeen, MD)

Mr. Boothe as Team Lead, acted as liaison between customers in and outside of the warehouses.  Coordinated and documented incoming/outgoing products and trailer movements to different locations.  He recorded all accidents and safety violations.  As an inventory cycle counter I assisted in preparations and execution of physical inventory on a day to day basis and maintained proper documentation.

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Evaluated noise level at APG and various test sites.  Collected noise pollution data.

Owner – MAHOGANY ARTS & CRAFTS, (Aberdeen, MD)

Own and operate small fine art, framing and ceramics shop.  Handle all aspects of a privately owned business, including financing, budgeting, booking, accounting, and customer services.  Utilize budgets, financial/business plans, and bookkeeping.  Present new products to the public by participating in various shows.  Supervise and manage work activities and monitor progress of production.


2007:  Business Consultant Training

2001:  Certification Program, Harford Community College

2001:  Associate Degree, Harford Community College

2001:  Webmaster Special/Internet Programmer and Website Design

1985-88:  Chemical Engineering Coursework, University of Mississippi

Major Associations, Awards and Achievements

2008 – Harford County Leadership Academy

2006-present – Harford County Chamber of Commerce Member

2001 – President of the Harford County United Negro College Fund

1987 – President of Phi Beta Sigma (Eta Beta Chapter)